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Tube Benders


5 - 12 Electric Axis Tube Bending Machine
1D Booster Tube Bender + Wall Thinning Control + Cutoff

This line of Booster Tube Benders is specially used in the production of manifolds and converter inlet pipes within the automotive exhaust system, where the wall thinning ratio must be controlled to ensure that the tube can withstand the high system pressure. This line of Booster Pipe Bender equipped with 5 ~ 12 electric axis. 



Automation Cells   Tube Bending Machine with Robot ( Auto Loading + Unloading ). 


Advanced DGT
SOCO’s unique DGT technology ( Direct Gear Transmission ) is the worldwide patented for pipe bender system that brings you the most efficient and stable bending process, offering the highest accuracy and repeatability in draw and roll bending.Most SOCO Pipe Bender equipped with DGT technology. The Advantages of DGT :
  • Chain free transmission
  • Built-in gearbox with direct connection to electric servo
  • Highest transmission performance ( 90%+ efficiency ) against other gear based systems
  • High bending accuracy ( +- 0.05° ~ +-0.1° )
  • Low noise level
  • Maximum Working Area = Minimal Interference
  • Elongated neck for superior clearance (***)
  • Compact bending head
  • Side carriage and bending head (***)
2C - The SOCO DBS System
This patented Double Blades Shearing System may be implemented on all SOCO Booster Pipe Bending Machines. Some of the features:
  • The Double Blades Shearing System allows for automation of bending and cutting processes in one Tube Bending machine from a single tube.
  • This system creates the least amount of cutting deformation, enabling the finished part to be immediately used for a subsequent process without having to calibrate or deburr it
  • By Tube bending and cutting continuously, there is virtually no waste between bends, saving vast amounts of material per year
  • Savings on space, manpower, machinery and material, while increasing production rates
  • Higher precision and quality in finished parts, as the bent part does not need to be manually taken to a separate machine to be cut into pieces on a semi-automatic saw
  • The software allows for programming up 4 different parts on the same stock material, maximizing utilization of the complete tube.
IB – Material Saving
Interference Zone Booster for short pieces





SOCO pipe bender range is available with an Industrial PC ( IPC ) + Touch Screen ( TS version ). Here are some of the features included:

Software Features:
• Pipe Bending + Tube Cutting Interface
• Automatic springback compensation
• Recapturing function for short lengths
• Data entry for both XYZ and YBC coordinates
• XYZ to YBC coordinates conversion
• YBC to XYZ coordinates conversion
• Arm Return programming mode ( Overmode )
• Arc Radius calculator for large radius bending
• Carriage Booster settings’ page for 1D Tube Bending
• Ability to use Positive and Gripper Mode Feeding in the same part
• File management for parts and tooling
• Data storage of files ( 2 million files, 50 bends per file ) (*)
• 3D display and rotation of parts
• Mirroring and image reversal of parts
• Elongation ratio + Cycle Time display for each bend
• Windows 2000 / XP platform
• Self diagnostics + Error messages display
• Connection and Auto compensation to CMM systems (**)
• Simultaneous opening of files ( 4 files at one time )
• Programmable mandrel extraction and mandrel lubrication
• Individually programmable axes
• Multiple built-in action and bending sequences
• Built-in internet connection for Remote troubleshooting

• SOCO Pipe Bending Interference and Collision Simulator ( *** )
• Report system for Production Management
• Reading AUTOCAD files ( with Auto LISP )
• Remote monitoring system of bending production

(*) May be extended upon request
(**) On most CMM,non-contact probe measuring systems
(***) On selected CNC tube bender models