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Tube Benders


6 Axis with OD 168mm Tube Bending Capacity

6B series Tube Benders with models that extend up OD 168mm capacity, the SOCO CNC Tube Benders ( Pipe Bending Machines ) 6 axis line brings the optimal tube bending solutions for the automotive, trucking, buses, healthcare, boiler, ship building and other industries

6 servo electric / proportional servo controlled axis

  • Feeding
  • Rotation
  • Tube Bending
  • Horizontal Movement
  • Pressure Die Assist

  • 6 individually programmable axes pipe bender
  • Programmable 2 speeds + early mandrel extraction
  • SOCO proprietary control software with IPC & Touch Screen
  • Individually controllable pressure die assists for each bending stack
  • Built-in wiper die, pressure die and clamping die seats
  • High accuracy and repeatability ( +/- 0.1mm & +/- 0.1° for all axes )
  • Ability for 1D bending (*)
  • High performance and high speed
  • Single and multi-stacks models
  • Automatic mandrel lubrication system
  • Centralized greasing and lubrication system for all sliding areas
  • SOCO bending simulation and collision detection software (Optional )

    (*) Depending on tube OD and elongation ratio



SOCO Tube Bending range is available with an Industrial PC ( IPC ) + Touch Screen ( TS version ). Here are some of the features included:

5B tube bending machine Software Features:
• Tube Bending + Cutting Interface
• Automatic springback compensation
• Recapturing function for short lengths
• Data entry for both XYZ and YBC coordinates
• XYZ to YBC coordinates conversion
• YBC to XYZ coordinates conversion
• Arm Return programming mode ( Overmode )
• Arc Radius calculator for large radius bending
• Carriage Booster settings’ page for 1D Bending
• Ability to use Positive and Gripper Mode Feeding in the same part
• File management for parts and tooling
• Data storage of files ( 2 million files, 50 bends per file ) (*)
• 3D display and rotation of parts
• Mirroring and image reversal of parts
• Elongation ratio + Cycle Time display for each bend 
• Windows platform
• Self diagnostics + Error messages display
• Connection and Auto compensation to CMM systems (**)
• Simultaneous opening of files ( 4 files at one time )
• Programmable mandrel extraction and mandrel lubrication
• Individually programmable axes
• Multiple built-in action and bending sequences
• Built-in internet connection for Remote troubleshooting

• SOCO Tube Bending Interference and Collision Simulator ( *** )
• Report system for Production Management
• Reading AUTOCAD files ( with Auto LISP )
• Remote monitoring system of bending production

(*) May be extended upon request
(**) On most CMM,non-contact probe measuring systems
(***) On selected CNC tube bender models