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Tube Benders


2 Electric Axis Pipe Bending Machine with Hydraulic Pipe Bending
Pipe Bending capacity up to OD 168 mm

  • Fully automatic and cost effective CNC Tube Benders
  • Equipped with 3 programmable axis
    - Feeding - Electric Servo
    - Rotation - Electric Servo
    - Pipe Bending - Hydraulic (NC)

    Standard with:
  • Hydraulic pressure die assist for every pipe bending stack
  • Mandrel lubricating system
  • Wiper, clamping and pressure die seats
  • Centralized greasing system for moving areas
  • Electric cabinet cooling fan
  • Touch Screen system
  • IPC control and SOCO control software

  • Fully automatic and cost-effective CNC Pipe Bending Machine
  • Single and multi-stack models
  • Electric servo controlled feeding & rotation axes to ensure high precision (+/- 0.1 mm and +/- 0.1° ) and reliability
  • NC Programmable hydraulic bending arm with bending repeatability of +/- 0.15°
  • Hydraulic pressure die assist for every bending stack
  • Automatic mandrel lubricating system
  • 2 speed mandrel extraction system
  • Wiper die, pressure die and clamping die seats
  • Electric control cabin with cooling and ventilation fan