Double Tube Ends Chamfering ( Short Lengths )

Double Tube End Chamfering For Short Lengths
Min. 25mm Working Length With Automatic Loading Magazine (BTM)

  • DEF-FA/60ss Rack Type ( Sliding Magazine )
  • DEF-FA/85ss+BTM 
    Fully Automatic with BTM. Capacity up to OD52mm
  • DEF-FANC/127SS
    Double Tubes Ends Chamfering for Working Lengths from 25 mm ~ 250 mm. Capacity up to OD127 mm x 8t. The Cutting Head & Feeding Way by servo control.

With DEF series that short length chamfering machine focus on short working lengths (25mm ~ 300mm). With anoptional BTM (Bundle Magazine), the machines may offer a completely automatic loading, feeding and chamfering process. This range is suitable for cleanly and evenly chamfering both ends of the tube, as well as chamfering the inside, outside and face of the material.


  • Fully automatic chamfering machines, with 2 types of loading magazine:

            -  Rack - Sliding Magazine (Standard)
            -  BTM - Bundle Loading Magazine (Optional)

  • External and internal chamfering with facing in one process for both sides of the tube
  • Min. working length can be down to 25mm
  • Patented feeding system for the work piece, ensuring a smooth process throughout
  • The rigid tool seat has been designed for durability, with easily fixable tool bits for longer working life
  • 2 step chamfering process
    - First speed --------- Fast approach for time saving
    - Second speed ------ Infinitely adjustable chamfering speed for smooth finish
  • The length tolerance of each working piece can be controlled within +/- 0.1mm through a cutting speed adjustment device
  • The machine bed's heavy casting and head stock can absorb working vibrations, providing a continuous and stable operation.
  • Optimal electric circuit and PLC control result in a low maintenance system
  • Right chamfering head maybe be easily moved to desired position through a hand wheel
  • Optional power inverter may be added when working with various materials