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Tube End Finishing


Single Tube End and Solid Bar Chamfering Machine
Csot Effective and Easy to Use Tube End Finishing

The SOCO EF Chamfering series extends up to OD 115 mm in capacity. These semi-automatic machine models offer different functions such as universal clamping jaws for various tube sizes (EF-AC/115-U Type). The process is suitable for single tube end chamfering and available for solid bars. The Chamfering may be done on the tube's inside, outside and face with a clean and accurate process.

  • Especially designed tool seat and clamping jaws
  • Evenly chamfers the inside, outside and face of the tube simultaneously
  • Different rotation speeds for various materials and requirements ( Pulley setup )
  • 2 step chamfering process
    - First speed ----- Fast approach for time saving
    - Second speed ----- Infinitely adjustable chamfering speed for smooth finish
  • EF-AC/115-U chamfering machine equipped with universal (prismatic) clamping system with 2 tube size ranges
    - OD40 ~ 115mm
    - OD15 ~ 40mm
  • Optional chamfering seats for centering ( Solid bar )
  • Optional chamfering seats for small tube diameters (6 ~ 15 mm)