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Tube Benders


The SOCO SB-Oil Tube Master is a dedicated CNC Brake Line Tube Benders. Designed for small tubing OD8 mm x 0.7t, especially Bundy Tubes and Hydraulic Lines. With multiple electric axis and a unique design to allow bending the most complex shapes and parts. It offers the most advanced solution ( Pipe Bending,Tube Bending ) and performance in its range.

Suitable for Brake Line tubing up to 4000mm ( Optional 5000mm ) and unparalleled Pipe Bending Speed. This CNC Pipe Bending Machines with optional Automatic Loading and Unloading Interface.


  • 3 Electric Axis controlling tube bending, tube rotation and carriage movement
  • Automatic bending head reversal (left-to-right) when reaching central clamping area, providing a fully automatic cycle for the entire bending process
  • Optional Automatic Loading and Unloading Interface



  • Centralized clamping and rotation system for true simultaneous moving of all axis
  • Lowest cycle times because minimal number of moving parts
  • Suitable for brake line tubing up to 4000mm ( Optional 5000mm )
  • Unparalleled Pipe Bending Speed ----- " 39.2 seconds, 14 Bends " ]


Maximum Working Area = Minimal Interference:

  • No interference with machine bed
  • No conventional bending arm
  • No pressure die and wiper die seat interferences
  • Central clamping and rotation away from bending zone
  • Overmode (Arm Return Mode) capabilities



  • May program up to 50 bends per part, with on-screen 3D part display
  • Data entry for both XYZ and YBC coordinates
  • Overmode (Arm Return Mode) offers flexibility to offset each bend and avoid bending interferences.
  • Integrated Automatic Bending Compensation and Reverse Engineering of bends when connected to CMM Measuring systems
  • Connection to Local Area Network ( LAN ) ( Optional )