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Tube Benders


A series Pipe Benders combined with 3 ~ 4 electric CNC axis, multiple pipe bending stacks and the Advanced DGT technology, the A series tube benders ( Pipe Bending Machine ) can offer the highest performance solutions, bringing accuracy, flexibility and high production. SB-12x3A-2S is belong All Electric Tube Bender.

  • With SOCO’s unique DGTtechnology
  • Rack pinion feeding
  • Side positioned bending head and carriage
  • Elongated bending neck
  • Electric servo controlled axes
  • Centralized greasing for sliding area
  •  2 speeds, early mandrel extraction
  • Automatic mandrel lubrication
  • Touch Screen with IPC ( Industrial PC )
  • Single or multi-stacks
  •  Independent pressure die system for each bending stack
  • Wiper die seat and lubrication
  • 63mm, 80mm and 90mm range may be equipped with SOCO DBS system ( 2C – Double Blades Shearing ) ( Optional )