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Tube Benders


It may also be optionally provided with Automatic Loaders (AF), Groove and Seam Detection systems and Automatic Unloaders (AUL) for full automation. SOCO “  ALL ELECTRIC ” series tube benders can offer one of highest performance solutions available in the market.

5 servo electric servo controlled axis
- Feeding ( Y )
- Rotation ( B )
- Bending ( C )
- Bending Head Horizontal Movement ( X )
- Bending Die Rotation ( C1 )

  • Left and Right Tube Bending capabilities in the same cycle
  • DGT technology – Gear Transmission Bending for Highest Speed and Accuracy
  • Easy Programming – Setup a part in the same way as a single directional bend
  • Elongated bending neck for maximum working area
  • 5 Electric servo controlled axes
  • 2 speeds + Early mandrel extraction
  • Automatic Groove Detection System for ensure the tube in right direction before bending (Optional)
  • Automatic mandrel lubrication
  • Touch Screen with IPC ( Industrial PC )
  • Multi-stacks + Multi-Radius
  • Independent pressure die system for each bending stack
  • Optional Automatic Loaders (AF), Groove and Seam Detectors and Automatic Unloaders (AUL)