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Solid Bar & Heavy Wall Cutting


2 Electric Axis with Cutting Capacity up to OD115mm
SOCO Unique Loader (MBLL6) for 70% Manpower Saving

U type         ( Ferrous TCT + HSS )

NF / NFA type  ( Non-Ferrous / Aluminum )

The new SOCO Tube and Bar Cutting Line incorporates the newest technology with unparalleled functions. This revolutionary innovation brings you the unique loader ( MBLL6 ) and unloader ( CL ) – saving 70% labor and material changeover time (SOCO Global Patent). With capacity up to 80mm in solid bar and tube cutting, it is guaranteed to bring you continuous savings and production.

Savings & Production
• Using a thinner and smaller TCT Saw Blade, there is lower initial investment in blade and long term savings in material.
• HSS Saw Blades may also be used, with standard built-in settings and blade cooling system, for even more savings on tube cutting.

• Superior Speed:

- OD115mm Mild Steel Bar, L = 50mm, Cycle time = 15 secs

• Dynamic Cutting:
- Fast Approach Speed
- Low Speed during blade entry
- High Speed after cutting through the tube’s wall
- Lowest Speed at re-entry into tube’s lower wall

• Long Blade Life:
- Superior Designed Gearbox
- Electromagnetic Brake System
- “ 0 ” Backlash
• Accuracy and Precision
- Electric Servo Cutting
- Electric Servo Feeding
- Floating Feeding Carriage
- Cutting length precision : +/- 0.05 mm ~ +/- 0.1 mm

· MBLL6 Bundle Loader – Saving 70% labor and material changeover time
· Automatic Material Alignment : Automatically align all material before loading onto the machine
· Shortest Material Changeover Time : While one stock bar is cutting, the next one is aligned and follows   
immediately behind to shorten changeover time
· Bundle capacity up to 4000kg


• SOCO Recommendation System for ideal settings based on material and cutting requirements.
• Intuitive and user friendly interface with Touch Screen System.
• Ability to program 5 cutting lengths per bar.