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SB-130x8B-3S-PT , OD 127 mm 8 axis Tube Bender

1D Booster Benders + Wall Thinning Control_SB-130x8B-3S-PT  ,  OD 127 mm 8 axis Tube Bender

1D Booster Benders + Wall Thinning Control

This line of Booster Tube Benders is specially used in the production of manifolds and converter inlet pipes within the automotive exhaust system, where the wall thinning ratio must be controlled to ensure that the tube can withstand the high system pressure. This line of Booster Pipe Bender equipped with 5 ~ 12 electric axis. 


CNC Booster benders with capacity up to OD 127 mm, 8 axis and 1~ 3 stacks of tooling. Wall thinning control function

  • Booster tube benders capable of bending radiuses of 1xOD and controlling wall thinning during the bending process
  • All Electric tube bender models available _ 12 Electric Axis 
  • Enables Wall Thinning Rate down to 15% ~ 20%
  • On electric benders, this line uses SOCO patented DGT system ( Direct Gear Transmission ) for maximum bending efficiency and precision, minimizing transmission points and interference
  • 2C - SOCO DBS Cutting System _ Double Blades Shear _ Option for full automation and minimal cutting deformation, as well as smallest cutting radius to minimize waste between bends ( optional )
  • Standard with 8 electric servo controlled axis
  • May use from max. 6 tube bending stacks, applicable for complex, bend-in-bend parts
  • Short / Last bend boosting system for parts which are bent close to the interference zones
  • Clutch ( Automatic Transmission ) Feeding System, enabling shifting between high speed ( normal feeding ) and high torque ( boosting ) for highest bending efficiency
  • May program up to 4 different parts for tube bending + cutting on the same tube material
  • May use Internal or External collet system ( optional )
  • IB – Interference Zone Booster for short pieces ( Optional )