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SB-32X7A-2S-V-U+AFM+AUL ( Tube Bender + Loading + Unloading ) )

Automation Cell _ Tube & Pipe Bending Machine_SB-32X7A-2S-V-U+AFM+AUL ( Tube Bender + Loading + Unloading ) )

Automation Cell _ Tube & Pipe Bending Machine

Most SOCO Pipe Bender equipped with SOCO’s unique DGT technology ( Direct Gear Transmission ) is the worldwide patented tube bending system that offering the highest accuracy and repeatability in bending. It includes built-in the SOCO proprietary pipe bending software and operation interface, with an Industrial PC (IPC) + Touch Screen, Bending interference and Collision simulator and many other control and software features

Automatic Loading + Left and Right Pipe Bending + Unloading

The new SOCO CNC Pipe Bending Machine which is equipped with Left and Right Pipe Bending Technology for maximum flexibility and minimal interference. The “ U type” pipe bending machine is especially suitable for complex parts and shapes, such as automotive head rests, fuel lines, heating and cooling systems. This pipe bender is equipped with 7 electric CNC axes, 2 ~ 3 pipe bending stacks and uses SOCO’s unique DGT technology (Direct Gear Transmission).

  • Left and Right Pipe Bending capabilities in the same cycle
  • DGT technology – Gear Transmission Bending for Highest speed and accuracy
  • Easy Programming – Setup a part in the same way as a single directional bend
  • Elongated bending neck for maximum working area
  • All Electric _ 7 Electric servo controlled axes pipe bending machine
  • 2 speeds + Early mandrel extraction
  • Automatic Groove Detection System for ensure the tube in right direction before bending (Optional and Depend on )
  • Automatic mandrel lubrication
  • Touch Screen with IPC ( Industrial PC )
  • Multi-stacks + Multi-Radius Pipe Bending Machine
  • Independent pressure die system for each bending stack
  • Optional Automatic Slide Loaders (AF) or Front Loader ( AFM ) and Automatic Unloaders (AUL) ,and Punching after  pipe bending process