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SB-80X11A-MRV, All Electric OD 76.2 mm

Roll + 1D Bending + Multi Radius_SB-80X11A-MRV, All Electric OD 76.2 mm

Roll + 1D Bending + Multi Radius

The V series CNC tube benders ( 1D Pipe Bending Machine ) combine Draw and Roll Bending technology. This combination allows the pipe bending of 2 different fixed radiuses and multiple large roll bending radiuses in a single part. Coupled with Individual Pressure Die Systems assist in each draw bending stack, it brings superior performance and flexibility. The V series pipe bending machine equipped with DGT technology.


All Electric _11 Axis Tube Bender. Capacity up to OD 76.2 mm, Up to 6 stacks of tooling


  • With SOCO’s unique DGT technology
  • All electric tube bender, 11 electric servo controlled axis
  • All 11 axis may be simultaneously moved
  • 1 ~ 6 tube bending stacks, allows the use of multiple stacks of compound tooling for short clamping distances and complex bends.
  • Electric servo pressure die assist + Electric servo bending = Ideal combination for superior bending surface and accuracy, diminishing excessive elongation and variation of material length
  • Ability to set different tooling diameters on the same machine, diminishing setup time when changing tube sizes.
  • Standard with Automatic Loading and Unloading system interfaces
  • 80mm and 90mm range pipe bending machine may be equipped with SOCO DBS system ( 2C – Double Blades Shearing _ Optional )